Guesthouse Pétursborg

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Guesthouse Pétursborg is located in Eyjafjörður, 5 km from Akureyri.
With rooms for 1 to 4 people with or without private bathroom, and an optional breakfast buffet, or the use of the cooking facilities in the guesthouse.Internet in the whole house, a TV in the livingroom, and a grill  for barbecue outside, and a hot pot in our garden.

A summer house with 3 double rooms.

601, Akureyri

+354 461-1811
+354 461-1333
January 1st – May 31st 2011 June 1st – September 15th 2011
1×1 without bath ISK 5.700 ISK 7.900
1×2 without bath ISK 8.900 ISK 11.400
1×3 without bath ISK 12.600 ISK 15.300
1×4 without bath ISK 16.000 ISK 19.600
1×1 with bath ISK 8.100 ISK 11.900
1×2 with bath ISK 11.400 ISK 15.800
Extra bed ISK 4.200 ISK 4.500
Sleeping bag acc. ISK 3.700 ISK 4.200
Breakfast Included Included
Wireless Internet.  Please contact for a winter price list 2011-2012.

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