Four stars:  
Reykjavik area
Hotel – CenterHotel Skjaldbreið  
Hotel – Grand Hotel Reykjavík  
Hotel – Radisson SAS Saga Hotel  
Hotel Borg  
Hotel Esja Icelandair Hotels  
Hotel Loftleiðir Icelandair Hotesls  
Hotel Óðinsvé


The North-west
Hótel Tindastóll


The North-east
Hotel KEA  
Hotel Reynihlíð


The South
Hotel Rangá Icelandair Hotels  
Hotel Selfoss


Reykjanes peninsula
Hotel Flughotel Icelandair Hotels  
Hotel Keflavík


Three stars:  
Reykjavik area
Hotel – Icelandic City Hotel  
Hotel – Radisson SAS Island Hotel  
Hotel Frón  
Hotel Reykjavík


The West
Hotel Borgarnes  
Hotel Edda Hellissandi  
Hotel Höfði, Ólafsvík


The Westfjords
Hotel Ísafjörður


The North-west
FH – Guesthouse Staðarflöt


The North-east
Hotel – Fosshótel Húsavík  
Hotel – Sel Hotel Mývatn


The East
Hótel Hérað Icelandair Hotels  
Hótel Höfn


The South
Hótel Flúðir Icelandair Hotels  
Hótel Kirkjubæjarkl. Icelandair Hotels  
Hotel Vík


  Two stars:  
Reykjavik area
Guesthouse Baldursbá  
Guesthouse Flókagata 1


The West
Guesthouse Höfði, Ólafsvík


The Westfjords
Guesthouse – The old guesthouse  
Hotel Edda Núpur  
Hotel Ísafjörður – Summerhotel


The North-west
Hotel Edda Húnavellir  
Hotel Edda Laugarbakki


The North-east
Hotel Björk  
Hotel Edda MA  
Hotel Edda Stórutjarnir


The East
Hotel Edda Eiðar  
Hotel Edda ME  
Hotel Edda Nes  
Hotel Edda Nesjaskóli


The South
Hotel Edda ÍKÍ Laugarvatn  
Hotel Edda ML Laugarvatn  
Hotel Edda Skógar


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