Not at all! Frequent flights operate to Iceland from main cities in Europe and North America and many gateways are served daily. In addition to normal one-way and return fares a number of attractive excursion and family fares are available, as well as group fares for various sizes of groups. Air fares also differ between seasons. For full details of fares and services contact your local travel agent or any airline office.

Approximate flight times from several cities:

London – Reyjavík 3 hrs.
Copenhagen – Reykjavík 3 hrs. 10 min.
Frankfurt – Reykjavík 3 hrs. 35 min.
Paris – Reykjavík 3 hrs. 25 min.
Amsterdam – Reykjavík 3 hrs. 10 min.
New York – Reykjavík 5 hrs. 30 min.

List of airlines that fly to Iceland all year round:

Iceland Express
Maintains regular scheduled flights to Iceland from the following cities:
London, Copenhagen

Maintains regular scheduled flights to Iceland from the following cities:
ALL YEAR: London, Glasgow, Copenhagen, Oslo, Paris, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Boston, Baltimore / Washington, Orlando and Minneapolis.
SUMMERTIME ONLY:  Barcelona, Berlin, Helsinki, Madrid, Milan. Munich and  New York.

Travel to Iceland by sea
The Faroe Islands’ Smyril Line operates a weekly passenger- and car-ferry service from Bergen in Norway and Hanstholm in Denmark to Lerwick in the Shetland Islands, the Faroe Islands and Seyðisfjörður in Iceland.


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