As of September 1st the year 2000 all  lodging facility in Iceland have the opportunity to be classified. The  classification is voluntary and is divided into five categories i.e. 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 stars and is by no means an all-embracing assessment of the quality of the  accommodation in question. It is solely based on factors which can be  objectively measured. The grading consists of more than 100 different items, the  most important of which are listed below. The Icelandic Tourist Board is in  charge of the classification and has appointed a ruling committee consisting of  six members. Three appointed by the Icelandic Tourist Board and three appointed  by the Icelandic Travel Industry Association. Look for the blue-red sign placed  near the entrance which indicates the present classification of the facility.

One star:
All rooms are equipped with a washbasin and there is  at least one bathroom for every 10 rooms. There is access to a public telephone,  breakfast is available and guests can come and go any time of the day or  night.

Two stars:
In addition to the one star facilities, there  is a telephone booth or a public telephone where the guests can speak in  privacy. There is a bar or service counter where it is possible to buy light  refreshments, as well as a dining room where breakfast is served, and other  meals, depending on circumstances. The rooms may be equipped with a private  bathroom, but this is not obligatory.

Three stars:
In addition  to the class above, all rooms are equipped with a private bathroom, telephone,  television, radio and desk., There is a service counter open during the day and  it is possible to buy small items, reading material etc. Goods and services can  be paid for by credit card. There is a lift in the building, if guest rooms are  on three or more levels above the reception.

Four stars:
In  addition, there are easy chairs in all rooms, TV with remote control, satellite  channels and a movie or video channel. There is room service day and night, or a  minibar, and “a la carte” restaurant, and breakfast can be ordered in guest  rooms. There is also a clothes cleaning service. There is a lift in the  building, if the guest rooms are on two or more levels above the  reception.

Five stars:
In addition, the interior decore is  luxurious. There are safe compartments in the rooms. There is a lift, if the  building has more than one floor. Meals can be ordered in rooms until 23:00.  Secretarial service can be provided. There is an indoor swimming pool or an  exercise facility with professional staff. There is a shop on location where  gifts and souvenirs may be purchased and guests´ luggage can be taken to their  rooms.


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