At 15.45 local time yesterday an earthquake struck southwestern Iceland. The quake was 6.3 on the Richter scale and it’s epi-centre was between Selfoss and Hveragerdi villages.

The earthquake was strongly felt in  Reykjavik and even as far away as the Westfjords.

Homes near the epicenter in towns  Selfoss and Hveragerdi have been damaged.

There were no  fatalities reported.    Medium sized quakes  and small aftershocks have shaken the ground in S-Iceland  all night but  latest reports say it’s calming down in the area.

Most Icelandic houses are  constructed  in a sturdy way and designed  to withstand  earthquakes. The people of   Selfoss, Hveragerdi are slowly recovering after the shock and are  starting the clean-up. According to latest news the property damage is quite extensive   due to the fact that the quakes epi-center was  so close to the two villages.

The roads around Selfoss and Hveragerdi have been opened again and everyday life is expected to be back to normal within few days. Follow Iceland Tourism Blog, the best travel guide to Iceland and stay updated for all news.


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