Car Rental Iceland

Car Rentals

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There are several car rental agencies in Iceland. Cars can be booked through a travel agent or an airline, at airports or directly after arrival in Iceland. Many types of cars are available, from small family cars to powerful 4-wheel-drive vehicles.

Iceland operators

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Here you find a list of tour operators and travel agencies, specializing in offering you adventures in Iceland all year round.

Accommodation Classification

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All lodging facilities in Iceland have the opportunity to be classified.  The classification in voluntary and is divided into five categories, i.e. 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 stars, and is by no means an allembracing assessment of the quality of the accommodation in question.  It is solely based on factors which can be objectively measured.  The grading consists of more than 100 different items.  The Icelandic Tourist Board is in charge of the classification.  Look for the blue-red sign placed near the entrance which indicates the present classification of the facility.

Faith & Science Field Conference

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Meeting at Hlíðardalsskóli, Iceland, 75 scientists, teachers, pastors and church administrators met to discuss issues of faith and science – both in a lecture setting and in a series of field trips admiring and learning about the remarkable geology of Iceland.