Gauksmýri Lodge

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At Gauksmýri in West Hunathing county we offer holiday services with an emphasis on nature and horsemanship, while adhering to the Icelandic Farm Holidays’ environment guidelines.

At Gauksmýri we offer made up bed, in recently renovated single and double rooms, with and without private bathroom. The 18 new rooms (with private bathroom) in the second floor of the house were opened the year 2006. The 9 rooms without private bathroom are with basin and joint bathroom. All rooms have a beautiful view.

In the nice and comfortable living room you can also find a television and a video recorder. Access to a wireless internet connection is also provided. Moreover, we offer accommodation in an older house, located a few meters from the guesthouse. The surroundings of Gauksmýri invite you to walk along and watch both birds and horses in their natural environment. Our facilities have been approved by the Icelandic Farm Holidays Association.

The Icelandic food is renowned for its taste and healthiness. We make every effort to offer our guests the most unmodified and healthiest products. We have a green house and in the summer time we try our best to offer our guest home grown vegetables and almost all the bread is self-made.

Please contact for prices and booking information.

531, Hvammstangi

+354 451-2927
+354 451-3427

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