Guesthouse Selfoss

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Guesthouse Selfoss is a group of bungalows in a green area in the middle of Selfoss. The camping ground has all facilites like WC, shower, kitchen and dining room.

January 1st – May 14th 2011 May 15th – September 14th 2011 September 15th – December 31st 2011
1×1 with bath ISK 6.000 ISK 9.000 ISK 6.000
1×2 with bath ISK 8.000 ISK 12.000 ISK 8.000
1×3 with bath ISK 10.000 ISK 14.000 ISK 10.000
Breakfast ISK 1.200 ISK 1.200 ISK 1.200
The camping ground is open from June 1st – September 15th.

Engjavegur 56
800, Selfoss

+354 482-3585
+354 897-7585
+354 482-2973

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