Arnaldur Indriðason Crime Story Tour

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Reykjavík City Library offers a literary bus tour that focuses on the crime novels of local writer Arnaldur Indriðason.
He is without a doubt the most popular crime writer in Iceland and his books have been translated into numerous
languages. Indriðason has won several international awards for his work, the Golden Dagger being one of them.

The guided tour focuses on his series about investigator Erlendur Sveinsson and his team. Several sites that play
a role in the novels are visited and participants learn about the connection of place and text, hear short excerpts
from the novels and get to know a different side of Reykjavík. Guests stroll into the neighbourhood depicted in Jar City
where parts of the film based on the book were also shot, see the site where some old bones and a well-kept story
are dug up in Silence of the Grave – and much more.

The tour takes about two hours, ending at a local hotel depicted in two of Indriðason’s novels. A refreshment at the
hotel buffet or bar, as Erlendur enjoys in Voices, is optional.

Booking and further information: Kristín Viðarsdóttir, kristin.vidarsdottir@reykjavik.is


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