Official first day of winter celebrated

Posted By : TusoDikens/ 774
Last Saturday Icelanders celebrated the official first day of winter. Iceland is a country for all seasons and winter is an exciting time to visit the land of ice and fire.

Winter in Iceland is the time of amazing contrasts. Peaceful white snow accentuates the black lava fields, resulting in magical artistry. In the evening the blackness of the sky may be suddenly disturbed by dancing, flickering veils of light, in green, white or red, for the northern lights are often visible in cold, clear weather. You could well imagine that the snowstorms and winds that sometimes sweep over the country are vying for some great prize, but they always lose their battle: after a while everything returns to stillness and tranquility, and the land is pristine, as if just reborn. Winter is a great time for cross-country skiing and you don’t need to go far from Reykjavík to find yourself surrounded by scenic landscapes and tremendous views.


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