Cottages at lake Thingvellir

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Skálabrekkugata 1
801, Selfoss

+354 892-7110

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Stora-Sandfell Travel Service

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Stóra-Sandfell travel Service is located 17 km. south of Egilsstaðir on highway no. 1 which is the beaten track between Egilsstaðir and Höfn. We offer our guests a nice camping place and accommodation in cottages or separated rooms. We also offer horse tours in our beautiful surroundings which are also ideal for nice hiking trails.
Our travel service is a family business owned by the same family for over 20 years.  The campsite is tucked away nicely in a forest that offers many a haven for camping. The campsite disposes of good restroom facilities, electricity, sinks, showers and running hot /cold water. Outdoor barbecues are available to our visitors and tables and benches enough to accommodate an army!
Accommodation:We offer  comfortable accommodation in 4 cottages suitable for 4-5 persons.  Each room is equipped with a refrigerator, cooking-facilities, tableware and a gas grill. They are rented out for a longer or a shorter period. Sleeping bag accommodation is available in rooms suitable for 2-5 persons.
Horse-rental:There are many beautiful horse-riding trails at Stóra-Sandfell, be it forest, hills valley. We offer horse-riding tours ranging from 1-4 hours, e.g. an outing to valley Hjálpleysa which is a deep isolated valley glen with an interesting historical background.
We also offer early summer midnight tours.

We also offer early summer midnight tours.

The camping ground and horse rental are open from June 1st – September 15th.
The accommodation is available from May 15th – October 1st.
Please contact for prices and booking information.

Stóra-Sandfell 3, Skriðdalur
701, Egilsstaðir

+354 471-2420
+354 661-3552
+354 661-4457

Fjaran Travel Service

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Miðholt, Eyja- og Miklaholtshreppur
311, Borgarnes

+354 895-0798
+354 565-0798

Hotel Svartiskógur

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Hótel Svartiskógur is an elegant country hotel ideally situated in the green woodland  of Jökulsárhlíð country, just  8 km. away from the ringroad and 25 km. away from the service centre at Egilsstaðir. It is practically midway between Egilsstaðir and Vopnafjörður  and the obvious choice for admirers of East Iceland nature and calm with fine fishing rivers within reach and a nice camping place beside the hotel. Svartiskógur is the perfect setout point for tours of  Fljótsdalshérað, Borgarfjörður eystri, Vopnafjörður, Seyðisfjörður, Fjarðarbyggð  and other East Iceland favourites.

Please contact for prices and booking information.

Hallgeirsstaðir, Jökulsárhlíð
701, Egilsstaðir

+354 471-1030
+354 471-1035
+354 Símar: 868-7735
+354 471-1016


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Ægissíða, Rangárstígur
851, Hella

+354 487-5070
+354 895-6915
+354 487-5128
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