Guesthouse Grái hundurinn

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The Guesthouse Grái hundurinn is situated at Hjalla in Hallormsstadur just between The Household school and the elementary school. The house was built in 1952 by Hrafn Sveinbjarnason and was considered to be rather large. The house was sold to current owners in 2005, which took the ground level for total reconstruction and changed it from an apartment to guesthouse. The guesthose has room for 10 persons in 6 bedrooms. Four double room from which one has private bathroom. Two single and three double share 2 bathrooms.

The Guesthouse is run all year around and during summer time breakfast is served at the Hotel Hallormsstadur  but in wintertime the guests have access to a refrigerator with prepared breakfast and coffee machine.

During the summer season the Grái hundurinn also offers accommodation in comfortable chalets on the premises.

Please contact for prices and booking information.

Hjalli Hallormsstað
701, Egilsstaðir

+354 471-1763
+354 862-0543
+354 471-2128