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Leirubakki is an old manor farm in South Iceland, only 100 kilometres from Iceland’s capital, Reykjavík. Today the farm boasts a new hotel and an outstanding restaurant, in addition to facilities for meetings and conferences.  It is also an information centre for tourists and hosts the Hekla Centre, where one can enjoy an innovative and stylish exhibition on Iceland’s most famous and active volcano, Hekla.

Hekla is a massive, lofty mountain, 1,491 metres high, towering over the district to which Leirubakki belongs.

Leirubakki also has a camping ground and horse rentals, arranging horseback-riding trips lasting from one hour up to many days.  It is possible to purchase fishing permits at Leirubakki: the farm is located on the Ytri Rangá river, one of the main salmon rivers in Iceland, where over 14,000 salmon are caught each summer.

A wide variety of other services are available for purchase at Leirubakki, and the staff of Hotel Leirubakki can readily make additional arrangements depending on the needs and wishes of one and all.

January 1st – May 15th 2011 May 16th – September 14th 2011
1×1 without bath ISK 9.200 ISK 13.900
1×2 without bath ISK 11.900 ISK 19.600
1×3 without bath ISK 14.400 ISK 23.900
1×4 without bath ISK 16.900 ISK 29.500
4 person family room without bath ISK 18.300 ISK 32.700
5 person family room without bath ISK 22.600 ISK 39.300
6 person family room without bath ISK 26.300 ISK 45.900
1×1 with bath ISK 12.900 ISK 21.900
1×2 with bath ISK 15.900 ISK 25.900
1×3 with bath ISK 20.800 ISK 32.400
Sleeping bag accommodation ISK 5.400 ISK 5.400
Please contact for a winter price list 2011-2012 as well as for information on tours available.
The camping ground is open from June 1st – September 15th.


851, Hella

+354 487-8700
+354 487-6692

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