Guesthouse Álfheimar

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The guesthouse Álfheimar disposes of 18 double rooms with private bathrooms. Restaurant with special dishes made out of local raw material. Convenient location for hiking tours. 1-6 days organised hiking tours  in the magnificent nature are available, conducted by local guides.  Nearby Hafnarhólmi harbour is known for bird watching and an easy access to the magnificent puffins. Master painter Jóhannes Kjarval´s exhibition renders information on the artist, his lifespan and work. Borgarfjörður is a fairyland with nice panorama which springs alive through countless elf stories and fairy tales from the area.

Please contact for prices and booking information.

Borgarfirði eystra
720, Borgarfjörður (eystri)

+354 472-9962
+354 861-3677
+354 868-1689

Fjalladýrð – Guesthouse Möðrudalur

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Welcome to “Fjalladýrð” -“The Mountain Marvels” – of farm Möðrudalur where you´ll find a guesthouse, a camping ground and a café/resturant, as well as organized tours. We are located midway between Mývatn and Egilsstadir, on road 901, just 10 minutes´ drive   from the ring road.

Möðrudalur´s “Mountain Marvels” offer accommdation space for up to 27 people in made-up beds, single as well as double rooms. A camping ground is also at hand.
A small shop, and the restaurant “Fjallakaffi” – “The Mountain Café” awaits you with homemade cakes and “kleinur”, – an Icelandic doughnuts treat -, not to mention the renowned Icelandic lamb. All this is to be found on our menu.

Möðrudalur is the highest settled farm in Iceland, 469 meters (almost 1.539 feet) above sea-level. It has been inhabited since early settlement in Iceland. Möðrudalur has served as a presbitery for centuries. From this starting point you can choose from a range of guided trips to the highland north of glacier Vatnajökull

Cooking facilities.  Please contact us for prices and booking information.

660, Mývatn

+354 471-1858
+354 894-0758
+354 471-1807
+354 471-1858

Flugumýri Travel Service

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Flugumyri is an old horse farm situated in the middle of Skagafjordur, an area renowned for horse breeding. Accommodation is in a small flat with tree double/ twin rooms, kitchen and bathroom with shower. We offer riding tours as well as horse shows.

Please contact for prices and booking information.

Flugumýri II
560, Varmahlíð

+354 453-8814
+354 895-8814
+354 453-8814

Bildudalur Hostel

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Hafnarbraut 2
465, Bíldudalur

+354 456-2100
+354 860-2100

Please contact for prices and booking information.

Silastadir / Fagravik

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601, Akureyri

+354 462-1924
+354 690-0006
+354 462-1924


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301, Akranes

+354 433-8938
+354 892-4010
+354 433-8983

Please contact for prices and booking information.

Ekra Travel service

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Ekra has 2 cottages, erected in  2005. One disposes of a bedroom w. double bed while the other has a double bed and a berth. Both boast well-garnished, convenient living rooms, a full-fledged kitchen and a WC with shower.

Bed covers, linens and towels are available and grills are at hand for outdoor-cooking.

Ekra offers a fine view of river Lagarfljót and the surrounding girdle of mountains. Idyllic lakes and ponds are but a stone´s throw away, some of which are renowned for copious angling possibilties.
Service centre Egilsstaðir is only 30 km. away, as is the picturesque former school centre of Eiðar with romantic woodland walks and nice islets. The 19th century traditional farm of Galtastaðir is around the corner, portaying the long lost architecture and ways of rural Iceland of days past. The luring hiking area of Stórurð is but a few miles away, offering a unique Iceland outdoor experience. Furthermore, the fantastic fjords of the East are all within grasp, each endowed with its own particular characteristics and charm.
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Please contact for prices and booking information.

701, Egilsstaðir

+354 471-3054
+354 868-0957

Uthlid Cottages and Travel Service

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801, Selfoss

+354 468-8770
+354 486-8770
+354 486-8776
Golf course name: Number of holes: Par:
Úthlíðarvöllur 9 70
Please contact for further information.  Shorter guided horse riding tours offered on request.

Urdartindur Travel Service

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Norðurfjörður 1
524, Árneshreppur

+354 843-8110

Please contact for prices and booking information.


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311, Borgarnes

+354 435-1535
+354 898-9254
+354 895-6254

Accommodation in a beautiful restored farmhouse with a great view of the countryside. The house has 2 bedrooms and 2 sofa beds in the living room. Bed linen and towels included. Geothermal hot tub with a unique view of the northern lights on clear winter nights.

Excellent hiking possibilities in the area.

Well situated for sightseeing in Borgarfjörður, Húsafell and Langjökull glacier area.

Please contact for prices and booking information.