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In our modern world, people work hard and often experience a great deal of stress. Iceland offers many ways to relax and recover from life’s tensions through physical activity. The warm water that is found so abundantly in the Icelandic soil provides wonderful opportunities for relaxation and recreation. Every village or town has a swimming pool where you can luxuriate in water of 27–29°C and relax in the hot tubs, of which there is often a choice, with temperatures varying from 38 to 42°C. In some places you can swim in natural bluish water, rich in minerals and soothingly warm. In addition, there are many fitness training facilities where you can work out and get your body back into shape. Or what about a simple hike to enjoy the superb landscape and fill your lungs with fresh air? Iceland is one of the least polluted countries on earth, and many visitors comment on how well they sleep here – something that can perhaps be attributed to the abundance of fresh air!

Bikes can be rented in Reykjavík and in various places around Iceland. For further information on biking tours please contact travel agencies or tourist information centre.

The Reykjavík Marathon and Laugavegur Ultra marathon are international and annual events

Winter skiing is available in many parts of the country. Skiing resorts with both cross-country and downhill skiing are found throughout Iceland.


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