Travellers in Iceland are safe and sound

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The Iceland Tourism Office held a meeting at noon today, 16 April 2010, whereupon it was decided to issue a press release stressing that day-to-day life in Iceland is just as usual, even though the volcanic eruption in Eyjafjallajökull glacier on the south coast of Iceland has made a profound impact and generated dangers in a specified area. In other parts of the country, Icelanders’ daily life is proceeding quite normally.

Even though the eruption in Eyjafjallajökull is relatively small, airborne volcanic ash has dispersed over a wide area and disrupted air travel in Europe. It is the joint task of the aviation and tourism authorities in Europe to find ways to transport travellers to their destinations with absolute safety.

It is the task of Iceland’s Civil Protection Department to ensure that the utmost safety measures are followed in Iceland, and to provide a constant flow of information to all parties that need it. Euro Control and the Volcanic Ash Center take decisions on air travel authorisations in Europe.

Even if the eruption is prolonged – and its duration is impossible to predict – it is considered likely that volcanic ash formation will taper off once the preconditions for the mixture of water and embers no longer exist.

The Icelandic Tourist Council wishes to forewarn the public of exaggerated news reports on the eruption but encourages travelers to keep abreast of developments.

Travellers currently in Iceland are safe and well-treated, and the appropriate parties are making every effort to make their stay as pleasant and comfortable as possible.

Travel to Iceland

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List of airlines that fly to Iceland all year round:


Icelandair maintains regular scheduled flights to Iceland from the following cities:
All year: London, Glasgow, Copenhagen, Manchester, Oslo, Paris, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Boston, New York and Seattle.
Seasonal: Minneapolis / St. Paul, Toronto, Orlando, Halifax and Helsinki.
Summertime only: Alicante, Barcelona, Bergen, Berlin, Billund, Stavanger, Madrid, Milan and Munich.

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Iceland Express

Iceland Express maintains regular scheduled flights to Iceland from the following cities:

All year: London (Gatwick airport), Copenhagen, Berlin and Warsaw.
Winter (selected dates): Friedrichshafen and Alicante.
Summer: Aalborg, Alicante, Barcelona, Basel, Billund, Bologna, Eindhoven, Frankfurt (Hahn airport), Friedrichshafen, Gothenburg, Geneva, Krakau and Paris.

Iceland Express also operates flights (summer-time only) between Copenhagen
and Akureyri, North-Iceland.

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SAS Maintains regular scheduled flights to Iceland from Oslo.

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Travel to Iceland by sea

The Faroe Islands’ Smyril Line maintains throughout the year a regular scheduled cruise- and car-ferry service to Iceland from Hanstholm/Esbjerg in Denmark and Tórshavn in the Faroe Islands.

Click here for Smyril Line Schedule

For further information contact:

J. Broncksgøta 37
P.O. Box 370 • FO 110 Tórshavn
Faroe Islands • Tel.: +298-345900
Fax: +298-345950 / +298-345951
E-mail: •

Inside a Volcano!

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Launched last week, “Inside The Volcano” may sound like a ride at Alton Towers, but it is instead a very literal description of the dormant chamber of Thrihnukagigur, a volcanic peak just outside Reykjavik, which is now open to visitors. For the first time, intrepid travellers can climb over the rim and descend into the once-fiery abyss.

It has been 4,000 years since Thrihnukagigur last popped, and like all eruptions it was tremendously violent. Crucially, though, it wasn’t so cataclysmic as to destroy the chamber and the entire mountain; instead the vast geological pressure was likely to have been vented through tunnels and arteries deeper in the earth, preserving a newly opened chamber and creating what cave explorer Arni Stefánsson describes as a “pristine collapse”.

The Icelandic Expo pavilion in Harpa

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The pavilion features a unique 360 degree film where the walls and ceiling form a visual unity. The film reveived much acclaim at the world fair in Shanghai in 2010 and at the Frankfurt book fair in 2011. Almost three million people have already seen the film Screenings in Harpa begin on June 28th in Silfurberg hall. For the first time this summer, Icelanders, and those visiting Iceland will have the chance to experience the atmosphere of the Iceland Expo Pavilion which was designed for the World fair in Shanghai in 2010. The pavilion was then raised again for the Frankfurt book fair in 2011.  Now, it‘s Iceland‘s turn.

Inside the pavilion there is a screening of an Icelandic film in 360 degrees. The film, which is fifteen minutes long, presents Iceland in all its diversity. Footage from both city and nature is projected onto the four sides and the ceiling of the pavilion, together forming a cube that surrounds its guests.