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Sport Tours is an authorized Travel Agency by the Icelandic Tourist Board and has been operating since 1994. The headquarters are in North-Iceland but we operate our tours all over Iceland and offer a variety of tailor made and activity-packed tours for groups and both private and schedule tours for groups and individuals.
Sport tours are specialists in this field and have been organizing package tours for many years.  Our tours contain plenty of excitement and action blended with Iceland?s spectacular nature, relaxation in geothermal water, excellent food and good accommodation.

The Old Farmhouse  Ytri-Vík The old three-storey house was built in 1929 and was the homestead for farming and fishing for many years. In 1982, the lovely farmhouse achieved the new role of a friedly guesthouse. The house has been completely renovated and is now equipped with all modern facilities.
Rooms: 7 x 2 made up beds
Sleeping bag accommodation: 25 persons
Kitchen with all modern appliances
Dining Room: seats 30Log Cabins
There are also 7 log cabins at Ytri-Vík.

Please contact for prices and booking information.

Ytri-Vík / Kálfsskinn
621, Dalvík

+354 899-8000
+354 894-2967
+354 461-2867

The Fireworks Show at Jokulsarlon (Vatnajokull glacier)

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The Fireworks show at Jokulsarlon will take place Saturday night 25th of August at 11 pm.
Illuminated icebergs bathed in colour from the magnificent firework show in natures most spectacular
surrounding creates an extraordinary experience for spectators. The fireworks show is an annual event
and this is the thirteenth time it is held. During this time thousands of people have come and many of them
come year after year to enjoy this uniqe event.
The show is a collaboration between the Hornafjordur search and rescue association, Jokulsarlon boat
trips and the Vatnajokull Region. Entrance fee is 1000 ISK and free for ages 12 and younger.
All proceeds go to the Hornafjorður search and rescue assocation.
The preperation for the show starts during the day when the organizers sail between the icebergs
and arrange 150 candles on them. Then the candles are lit and the fireworks show starts at 11
when fireworks are shot up from different locations in the lagoon.
The show is about 30 minutes long and some say it the most magnificent fireworks show held in Iceland.

Inside a Volcano!

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Launched last week, “Inside The Volcano” may sound like a ride at Alton Towers, but it is instead a very literal description of the dormant chamber of Thrihnukagigur, a volcanic peak just outside Reykjavik, which is now open to visitors. For the first time, intrepid travellers can climb over the rim and descend into the once-fiery abyss.

It has been 4,000 years since Thrihnukagigur last popped, and like all eruptions it was tremendously violent. Crucially, though, it wasn’t so cataclysmic as to destroy the chamber and the entire mountain; instead the vast geological pressure was likely to have been vented through tunnels and arteries deeper in the earth, preserving a newly opened chamber and creating what cave explorer Arni Stefánsson describes as a “pristine collapse”.

The Icelandic Expo pavilion in Harpa

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The pavilion features a unique 360 degree film where the walls and ceiling form a visual unity. The film reveived much acclaim at the world fair in Shanghai in 2010 and at the Frankfurt book fair in 2011. Almost three million people have already seen the film Screenings in Harpa begin on June 28th in Silfurberg hall. For the first time this summer, Icelanders, and those visiting Iceland will have the chance to experience the atmosphere of the Iceland Expo Pavilion which was designed for the World fair in Shanghai in 2010. The pavilion was then raised again for the Frankfurt book fair in 2011.  Now, it‘s Iceland‘s turn.

Inside the pavilion there is a screening of an Icelandic film in 360 degrees. The film, which is fifteen minutes long, presents Iceland in all its diversity. Footage from both city and nature is projected onto the four sides and the ceiling of the pavilion, together forming a cube that surrounds its guests.